Guided Meditation Video Recording - Preparing to Weave

Guided Meditation Video Recording - Preparing to Weave

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The benefits of taking time for ourselves and slowing our pace are more apparent now than ever.   The practice of handweaving is a wonderful way to connect with our own inner creativity and meditation is the nourishment for that creativity.

I believe that we need to take time before we weave to calm the mind and settle the body and this guided meditation series is designed to support you in doing this.  Available as a series of videos, I will help you understand the importance of connection as you practice meditation to support our natural ability to be more alive with creativity.

The recordings can be downloaded and played on any device which can support video format.  My guided meditations are available in three lengths of time to suit your needs; 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes.  To help you prepare, I also offer a free introductory talk which includes a short guided meditation, tips on how to get started and where best to meditate.

I recommend using this guided meditation series whenever possible before you start handweaving.  You can find all my accompanying handweaving supplies in my shop.

Let’s go deeper within, together.

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