Family Circle Gathering

Family Circle Gatherings _ Kate Kilmurray

Help your family slow down and cultivate their own sense of unique creative ability with a "Family Circle Gathering". Adults and children alike will revel in the joy of working with their hands, gaining self-esteem and confidence along the way.

Weaving on an old-fashion loom is joyful, gratifying and contemplative. It is an ideal antidote to the hustle of our busy lives. In this two hour, hands-on class, I teach a family (one parent/grandparent and one child per family) about handweaving basics. Parent/grandparent watch as your child soaks in the lesson, developing concentration, fine and gross motor control and a better understanding of spatial relationships and patterning. 


  • Instruction on how to handweave.
  • A finished handweaving and the deep satisfaction of making something by hand.
  • Please purchase Loom and Loop Weaving kit at my website Supplies Shop.

 Discuss details with Kate.