I am delighted to welcome weaver, author and retired coder Deborah Jean Cohen to teach this interesting online workshop on color use in design, from the perspective of left-brain thought. 

As Deborah says herself:

"I’m a retired coder/analyst who is very left-brained (my degree was in Mathematics, Computer Science minor). There’s definitely creativity in left-brained activities, but of a very different kind than the free-flying right-brained crowd. How do I cope with design and color?  By taking the advice of real artists, which I’ll present in this talk."

During the session, Deborah will talk about her artistic influences and how she applies their experience and guidance on color to her own work and design. This is a highly useful workshop if you are feeling a little befuddled by color application in your handweaving and need some useful hacks to help you move forward.

The class would suit weavers who already have basic potholder weaving skills. 

The workshop will take place via Zoom on Saturday, September 14th 2024, 10am-11am (PT)

Cost per attendee: $30. 

Deborah Jean Cohen is an experienced handweaver and author of In the Loop: Radical Potholder Patterns and Techniques. A retired programmer and analyst, she brings a fascinating, radical and unique perspective to the craft.

The class will be held online via Zoom and we very much look forward to seeing you September 14th.  Details of how to access the workshop will be sent closer to the date.

A recording of the class will also be provided after the event by email, for all paying attendees.