Weaving Together: Friendship Baskets workshop

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Friendship baskets celebrate the ways we weave meaning into the fabric of each other's lives. Inspired by the designs of Michelle Spaulding, friendship baskets bring women together to meditate on what it means to really have a friend. 

Each handwoven friendship basket holds the story of an authentic sisterhood. You can give a friendship basket as a gift or come together with a friend to create baskets to exchange. Fill your friendship basket with notes, quotes, sweets, treats, herbs, flowers or sacred medicine. 

This is a two-part digital workshop for two people, but is also suitable for one person.  I invite friends to join me in a practice of celebration and connection. Weaving together, you will:

In part one: 

  1. Experience handweaving as a form of embodied meditation
  2. Learn to weave five potholders on a metal loom

In part two:

  1. Learn to stitch handwoven potholders together to form a basket
  2. Celebrate sisterhood and connection
  3. Create a handmade art object to give to a friend

Friendship is a process—a continual weaving of love, support, and attention. As we attend to the process of weaving, we attend to each other—to our shared need for understanding, intimacy, and belonging. 

Each workshop will be for either one or two people.  It will be two hours in length for $100. The second workshop is also $100 for one or two people.  If you are already familiar with handweaving and have five potholders already made, you can just sign up for the second class.  

I look forward to weaving in friendship with you.

Write to me to schedule the date/time for our session(s).