Handmade wooden handle weaving hooks

Handmade wooden handle weaving hooks

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Handmade in Ojai, CA., the beautifully crafted wooden handles of these weaving hooks are the perfect accessory for those who want a more luxury and warm feel to their weaving tools.

Perfectly shaped to sit comfortably in the hand, there are two length hooks available:  (small hook for use with a 7 x 7 inch loom) or (large hook for use with a 10 x 10 inch loom). The price is $38 for each hook.

Please note that each handle is completely unique. 

This photograph of the hooks is just a sample of some of the hooks made in the past. Each hook is sold individually for $38 each. This photograph of the group of hooks is just to show the different sizes and woods. Hooks are not sold as a set.

Please note: All are hand turned, sanded and waxed. This is a labor intensive craft and therefore the price reflects the time it takes to make these wooden handles for the weaving hooks. Thanks for supporting a local Ojai woodworker.