"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful products that arrived speedily and safely yesterday. The scissors are fabulous and the wooden handled hooks are waiting in the wings for the day my fingers give out. Your website is a joyous thing of absolute visual delight. I look forward to being a repeat customer and wish you
well with all things! I am glad you are a part of the looping community".
"I am sending you gratitude and support for creating this community and enriching all of our lives. You are a conduit for fellowship, creativity and fiber art. Thank you".
I think you’re just beautiful, delightful and inspiring! So❤️ happy I found you!😁
~ Heidi
"I felt so relaxed after your guided meditation and inspired by your talk—a gentle reminder of the importance of stillness & self care. Not only do you make lovely weavings but you also inspire me (and others) with your beautiful spirit". 



"When I first saw your products online, I knew I had to order some for my store. They remind me of my aesthetic and the handmade nature of your work remind me of the wabi sabi philosophy where imperfect beauty is celebrated and honored. When I read more about you and your process, I just fell in love with your work. When I work on my textiles and natural dyes, it is my way of thanking life and honoring it for the opportunity to create. I feel like I create and pass on stories from my hands to my work and I love, I just really love that your work is so connected to the life that you live too. It just makes each piece so much more meaningful and that resonates with me so much.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! For the opportunity to carry your pieces online and for the work that you do. I'm already about to order more. Thank you again". 



Weaving as a Form of Meditation

"My creative spirit was renewed and nourished as I took a private zoom class with the lovely Kate Kilmurray yesterday. It's been a difficult season and I really needed this gentle refresher on how to tap into my inner stillness, draw upon my practice of mindfulness, focus on my breath and be fully present as I engage in wonderful contemplative process of creating with my hands. Thank you Kate for sharing your wisdom, encouragement and creative spirit!"  



Calm and Simple Beauty

"I stumbled across Kate's website while looking for potholder inspiration. I was drawn in by the calm and simple beauty of her site and her weavings. Intrigued by the idea of combining this tactile, colorful craft with meditation I scheduled an appointment. Kate is as calm and beautiful as her site. The hour we spent exploring how I could use the weaving to deepen my nascent meditation practice was rich and satisfying. I recommend working with Kate to anyone, at any stage of their meditation journey".  



Quiet and Nurturing Environment

"I came to Kate Kilmurray's meditation class as a complete novice. I had no idea what to expect, but I was desperate to find a solution to the changes and challenges my aging body was facing including intense migraines and issues with menopause and had read that meditation might help. Within minutes of the first session, I knew I was in the right place. Kate creates a quiet and nurturing environment to teach both the rank beginner as well as the more experienced person new ways to tap into our deeper selves and she helps guide the individual towards wellness and balance. Since I have begun my meditation practice, helped by Kate, I have begun to feel much better. My hot flashes, which were happening every five minutes have dropped in frequency to just a few times an hour -- a major improvement. Not only have my migraines been reduced, she has actually helped me find ways when I do get them to make them go away with yoga, stretching and meditation rather than medication. I am feeling much better and can't thank Kate enough for helping me find a non-medicated path to wellness".     ​~Alex