Over the years I have been featured in a variety of media, both on and offline.
Please find below the latest publications and features. 

Interview with FeelGood Fibers - FeelGood Features Series

October 2021

FeelGood Features showcases artists that work with upcycled/recycled and sustainable materials, or focus on making with intention.  I am delighted to have been interviewed for their latest edition.  Click here to read the interview.

Interview with Hilary L Hahn - Maker's Spotlight

September 2021

Hilary L Hahn is an artist and designer who works with natural indigo, plant palettes and watercolors. She has taught for over a decade and lectures on textiles, art and sustainable practices. Hilary serves a community of creatives, craftsman, and artists, who wish to deepen their knowledge of painting and textile design and she recently interviewed me about my work and practice for her members.  Click here to read the interview for her 'Maker's Spotlight' series.

Appearance on The Good Dirt, a podcast from Lady Farmer

September 2021


Founded in 2016, Lady Farmer was formed in response to the growing movement of people who identify with nature and its cycles, simple comforts, tradition and sustainability.  Their weekly podcast, The Good Dirt features expert interviews, lively discussions, and actionable takeaways as we dig deep to make our lives — and the planet — a little better. 

I am delighted to have featured in an episode speaking about interconnectedness and how it nurtures one’s creativity.  Click here to find out more and to listen to the episode.


Appearance on Material Culture: A Weaving Podcast

September 2021


The Material Culture podcast explores narratives of weaving, art, history and the people, workers and artists whose stories create the framework and understanding of living with cloth.  I'm thrilled that some of my thoughts on the loss we experience when only machines make and package things were discussed in episode 7 of the podcast, A Culture of Connectedness.  Click here to find out more and listen to the episode.


Interview with Textile Arts LA - Nurturing Creativity by Evoking Presence.

September 2021

Kate Kilmurray talk "Nurturing Creativity by Evoking Presence" Textile Arts LA :

Our modern, everyday environment is increasingly over-digitized and over-stimulated and it can be highly difficult to achieve a stillness that allows creativity to flow freely.  Because our lives are so often the opposite of stillness and presence, it take intention, commitment and practice to evoke the peace which abides at the very core of our being.  Taking time to practice this intention can be pivotal in unlocking our artistic potential and I invite handweaver Kate Kilmurray to join us to tell her story about craft, creativity and presence.

Cover of Real Simple Magazine
September 2020


805 Living Magazine
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805 Living Magazine
September 2020 


Voyage LA
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The Minimalist Magazine
November 2020
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