“When we work with our hands there’s a deepening connection with ourselves that naturally translates to a deepening connection with others. Participating in the process of making is a way of being connected to life itself.”

Handweaving is a life changing form of expression. This book is a celebration of the way Craft is a central part of women's lives, recording and reflecting not only the everyday, but also the significant and transformative moments which shape us.

Featuring the work of ten women from across the USA who share their stories of why weaving matters, the weaving way is the journey of a community united by the creativity of the small loom. 

Curated by Kate Kilmurray, the book brings together members of her Weaving Way Community, showcasing their workspaces, their weaving methods, where they seek their inspiration, what materials they use, how they weave and most importantly, why they weave.

The book contains over 70 color pictures, highlighting the variety and depth of this fibre art, as well as personal essays helping us to understand how handweaving can help us navigate life-altering moments, including grief, retirement, education and health issues, as well as punctuating and reflecting our everyday.

Some of the kind reviews the book has already received:

"The book is a wonderful way to learn about fellow weavers, what inspires them and their journeys in life and as artists. Thank you for this treasure!"

"The book is simply stunning"

“Words can’t even begin to describe what a lovely, artistic, story and information filled book it is. Even the feel of the cover is a joy.”

“WOW WOW WOW. Every page is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Every photo is wonderful, each story is empowering and so so real.”

“I’m speechless! You crafted a wonderful, inspiring and professional book.”

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