1:1 Weaving Classes

Weaving is a slow and rhythmic process. As your hands engage with the loops, you will notice your mind becoming quiet. That ever-rushing stream of conscious thought will slow down. You will connect with the meditative movement almost instinctually.

I teach “Weaving As Meditation” as a form of self-care and creative expression. Handweaving inspires you to slow down, get centered, and become totally absorbed by the simple and expressive act.

My mission is to bring handweaving as a meditation into the public eye and to inspire women to find time in their lives for relaxation, peace, and connection. To sign up for a Learn to Weave class with me please click the cart below.

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In honor of Valentine's Day, I am delighted to offer a Weaving Together: Friendships Basket online class either for one or two people.  The perfect workshop to help you spend virtual creative time with a friend, or take a 1:1 class to help you create a beautiful gift for a loved one.