Midnight Collection

Handweaving is a form of ritual, a way of coming home and connecting to the rhythms of life. When I sit down to weave, I gather inwards, feel the natural rhythm of my breath, and hold space for silence. My designs emerge from this stillness. My experience of weaving is one of deep presence and awareness, and each of my 6 x 6-inch handwoven potholders is a kind of prayer or offering—a deepening into life and a gesture of faith.

The result of this weaving-meditation is a simple, elegant, and useful tool. Handwoven potholders protect our hands, our countertops, and our tables. They remind us to slow down, do less, and be present as we prepare the food that nourishes and sustains us. By incorporating handweavings in the kitchen, we can bring more depth, beauty, and meaning to our daily lives.