Weaving as Meditation Kit

Weaving as Meditation Kit

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Weaving As Meditation Kit

With the frantic pace and anxieties of everyday life being more apparent now than ever, this Weaving As Meditation Kit provides an immediate antidote for our busy, overstimulating and digitized world.

Weaving and meditation have long been associated, with both practices helping us to slow down, calm the mind and regulate our nervous system.  This kit provides you with all the tools you need to benefit from this practice and to give yourself some much needed peace, space and clarity.

Not only does the kit contain all the weaving materials you need to begin your journey, but also links to a guided meditation practice which you can listen to whenever you need to feel refreshed and empowered with your new set of creative skills.

The kit includes:

  • A traditional small 7"x 7" metal loom
  • Enough cotton loops to make two 6" potholders with one color of your choice
  • Two hooks (one metal for loop weaving and one plastic for finishing)
  • Illustrated instructions to help you step-by-step through the weaving process
  • A link to a guided meditation practice

I know that once you feel the nourishing benefits of weaving as meditation you will want to continue, so don’t forget you can buy more loops in our supplies store at www.katekilmurray.com at any time.  Your mindful weavings will make wonderful additions to your home or as a gift for friends.

Reconnect your hands with your heart and let’s go deeper within, together.

Kate Kilmurray


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