A guide to taking your handweaving off the loom

When we use our hands to weave there is so much more connection with every aspect of the weaving; the feel, texture and the rhythm. Our fingers help us to connect with the fiber and feel the life of the material speaking through our hands.

These instructions are designed to guide you through taking your handweaving off of your loom and finishing the edges using your hands only.  Here is a video to demonstrate the technique, with written instructions below



Starting at the top right hand corner of your work, you are going to take off the first loop and pause. Then take the loop to the left and pull it through the first loop. Holding the second loop, take the third loop in the same way, pulling it through the second.

Continue around the loom, fourth through the third etc., pulling each loop through the loop to its right, all the way around the edges of your weaving. Continue this around the entire pot holder. When you come to the last loop, pull it through. This is the loop you will hang your potholder with.

Use your hands to gentle straighten the edges, shaping the handweaving so it is an even square and flat.

Finishing tips

As you finish one side of the potholder, you can peg one of the loops in the middle of this finished side back onto the loom, using it to keep the potholder in place as you complete the other sides.

You can also use thick elastic bands over all the loops on each unfinished side to keep them from popping off as you finish the other edges.  A helpful friend could also help hold the loops on as you finish the last two sides.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful finished weavings.