Embracing Regeneration Weaving Workshop at MakingCo


Following on from my Weaving as Meditation Workshop and My Nature, Aesthetic and Design in Handweaving Workshop, both hosted with Making Co, I am pleased to host a new class for their community.  

Taking inspiration from my Berry Collection, which puts sustainable and recycled materials at its core, I'd love to welcome you to my Embracing Regeneration Weaving Workshop, where I will help you to create a beautiful and functioning weaving from your old socks.  The workshop will take place on Saturday, November 13th at 10am (PT).

Combining fibres from socks which have reached the end of their garment life with solid cotton loops, the class will give you the opportunity to learn to repurpose resources you already have in your own home, helping to take better care of our planet. Regeneration and reuse cannot be more important than now and understanding how textiles can be reincorporated to extend their useful purpose is a vital skill we need to re-embrace.

This online class will combine joyful and gratifying handweaving skills with the mindfulness and self-nourishment which comes from slowing your pace and reconnecting with your inner self.

Basic weaving skills are required to participate in this workshop.  Workshop attendees will need:

  1. Small 7x7 inch metal loom
  2. One bag of solid coloured cotton loops
  3. Two old adult-sized socks

If you want to buy a new loom and the loops as a kit, click here.

To find out more and book onto the workshop, please register with themakingapp.com.  

Founded to help create a new ecosystem for all makers to learn, explore and grow, @making_co are a network of makers, doers, fixers, and changers, honoring the craft work of those who came before us.  I’m excited to be part of their new events program and hope you can join me in November.