Exploring Plant Dyes and Meditative Weaving Workshop at MakingCo

With more and more of us turning to sustainable and regenerative practices within our crafts, I am pleased to launch a two-part workshop which will help you to expand your knowledge on how materials and ingredients from the natural world can be incorporated into your work.

Please join myself and textile artist Hilary L Hahn for two live virtual events in March 2022. For the first session, Hilary will guide you through the basics of how to use natural, plant dyes as you learn to impart plant color onto fiber.  Once you have dyed your handweaving loops and understood the process in preparation for workshop two, there will also be enough dye left over to do an additional small item on your own.

In the second session, I will guide you through a meditative handweaving workshop, where you will continue to explore the connection between plant color and handmade artisanal craft as you make one 6x6 inch weaving using your plant-dyed loops.  

We very much look forward to welcoming you to these workshops 


Workshop attendees will need to purchase:

- a loom and loop kit with one bag of white loops from my website here (please be sure to state that you need white loops in the note section of your order)

- a cutch dye kit purchased from Hilary L Hahn's website here

Class dates:

March 5 2022 from 10-12pm (PT) - Hilary will teach students how to hand dye loops 

March 12 2022 from 10-12pm (PT) - Kate will teach students how to weave the hand dyed loops


$100 for both events

$22 for the loom and loop kit (includes loom, instructions, 76 white loops which will make two 6 x 6 inch weavings)

$20 cutch dye kit 

Class duration: Two hours

Skills level: All levels

To find out more and book onto the workshop, please register with themakingapp.com

Founded to help create a new ecosystem for all makers to learn, explore and grow, @making_co are a network of makers, doers, fixers, and changers, honoring the craft work of those who came before us.  I’m excited to be part of their new events program and hope you can join myself and Hilary in March.