Intuitive Weaving Workshop at MakingCo

I am pleased to continue my workshop programme in collaboration with Making Co with a completely new class: my Intuitive Weaving Workshop.

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals of handweaving, it’s time to make the practice your own. This workshop is for artists who are comfortable with the basic techniques of handweaving on a 7x 7 inch loom and want to deepen their weaving experience. You’ll learn advanced handweaving techniques, deepen your connection with design, and explore your personal weaving style. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to incorporate knots, hand-dyed loops, variegated loops, and textured loops into your handweaving practice, and you’ll explore how you can combine these elements to find your unique weaving aesthetic. Most importantly, you’ll sink into the meditative experience and tap into the quiet stillness that is the root of your authentic creativity.

The workshop takes place on XXX from 10am-12pm (PDT).

When you first learned to weave, you began with established patterns; now it’s time to leave the patterns behind and begin weaving as a deeper expression of self. This workshop will guide you back your innate inner knowing and help you access your creative voice. That’s why the pieces that emerge from the Intuitive Weaving Workshops truly represent “windows” to our souls. To get the most out of this workshop, you will need a 7x 7 inch metal handloom, a small bundle of specialty loops. These can be purchased on my website here.


To find out more and book onto the workshop, please register with  

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