The Weaving Way Community Book

In celebration of the wealth of weaving talent in the Weaving Way Community, I am curating and self-publishing an e-book of handweavings and the stories of the weavers who designed them. We are making waves within this collective movement and I want this to be recognized and championed. I would love to invite you to take part.

The book will acknowledge the work of 10 handweavers and will feature:

  • one of your handweavings that is particularly important to you. Please note this must be an original design of your own, not a copy of someone else's design in your own colorways.
  • your personal story as to why weaving matters and informs your life
  • photographs of you weaving and the space in which you work and craft

Participants will be selected to showcase a diverse range of stories, techniques, colors and form.

Entrants will be asked to answer a series of questions about how and why they weave, their inspiration, how their environment informs their work and how weaving has shaped their lives and careers. The answers to these questions will form a written feature, which will be accompanied by images of you weaving, your workspace and a handweaving you have created. The book will be a joyful promotion of your artistry, bringing your story to a wider audience.

Entrants will need to submit images which are of a high and as close to professional quality as possible, as I want the beauty of your work and practice to shine through.

I will be covering the total cost of producing the e-book, which will be sold via my online store. Each weaver featured will also be promoted via my social media accounts and I will be using the book as I approach key publications to feature articles on the Weaving Way Community as a whole. 

Please note that there is no financial payment for being a contributor to the book. 

I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in taking part. Please email me at by March 10th with a short paragraph about yourself and links to where I can see images of your work (if I am not currently familiar with your handweaving practice).

I will look to inform successful entrants of their place in the book as soon as possible after March 10th. Successful entrants will need to supply their interview answers and images by June 1st. 

I very much hope you will want to take part to celebrate the wonderful artistry that this community holds and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.