Weaving as Meditation Workshop at MakingCo

I am pleased to continue my workshop programme in collaboration with Making Co, offering a new opportunity to take part in my Weaving as Meditation class.

Weaving on a handloom is joyful, gratifying, and contemplative; it is an ideal antidote to the hustle of our busy lives. If you are searching for a way to reconnect with your inner self and slow your pace for an hour or two, this workshop is the perfect place to start.

The workshop takes place on Saturday 7th May from 10am-12pm (PDT).

The online class combines handweaving with mindfulness and self-nourishment.  In the session, you will discover a traditional and ancestral craft as I guide you in the creation of a simple, beautiful, and useful handweaving.  I will teach you about meditation and the benefits of relaxed open breathing while you weave.  

The class will give you time to focus on yourself and bring some much-needed peace and tranquility.  Through it, you will become part of a long lineage of women’s circles, using your hands to craft in community, as has been done for centuries.

By the end of the session you will have gained:

  • instruction on how to make a handweaving
  • teaching on breathing and meditation techniques 
  • achieved moments of peace and deep stillness

To buy the materials you need to take part in this workshop, click here to visit my shop.

To find out more and book onto the workshop, please register with themakingapp.com.  

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