Weaving as Meditation workshop at Makingapp


Join me for an on-line weaving workshop

Hosted by the Making app, on Saturday 2 October, my workshop combines handweaving with mindfulness and self-nourishment. It is the perfect way to reconnect with your inner self, slow your pace and provide an antidote to the hustle of our busy lives.

In the session, you will discover a traditional and ancestral craft as I guide you in the creation of one simple, beautiful, and useful handweaving.  I will teach you about meditation and the benefits of relaxed open breathing while you weave.  

The workshop will be held via Zoom.

To find out more and book onto the workshop, please register with themakingapp.com.  

Founded to help create a new ecosystem for all makers to learn, explore and grow, @themakingapp are a network of makers, doers, fixers, and changers, honoring the craft work of those who came before us.  I’m excited to be part of their new events program and hope you can join me in August.