Weaving as Ritual, Stitching as Poetry Workshop at MakingCo


I am pleased to continue my workshop programme hosted with Making Co, running a series of new classes in collaboration with stitcher Emma Freeman.

Over two sessions on February 19th and 26th, we will dive into the deeper meanings within weaving and slow stitching while creating one 6 x 6 inch weaving that we will stitch on by hand. 

This workshop is for weavers who are comfortable with basic weaving skills and want guidance on deepening their relationship with color, texture and the art of intuitive weaving. In the first week, I will introduce the idea of weaving as an offering or ritual, similar to a Japanese tea ceremony with the same level of calm, ease and respect for the materials and process. In the second week, Emma will explore how stitching can be similar to writing poetry and will share connections to Zen Buddhist teachings that can deepen and expand the experience of stitching by hand. 

This class will be a blend of hands-on practice, inner reflection and conversation with others. Some previous weaving and stitching experience is important for this workshop. 

Workshop one takes place on Saturday February 19th, 2022 from 10-12pm (PT).

Workshop two takes place on Saturday February 26th, 2022 from 10-12pm (PT).

The cost for both workshops is $100 per person in total.  You will also need the following materials:

- One set of solid colored loops in your color choice

- Stitching thread and needle (your choice of black or white thread) 

To buy the materials for this workshop, click here to visit my shop.

To find out more and book onto the workshop, please register with themakingapp.com.  

Founded to help create a new ecosystem for all makers to learn, explore and grow, @making_co are a network of makers, doers, fixers, and changers, honoring the craft work of those who came before us.  I’m excited to be part of their new events program and hope you can join myself and Emma in February.