Crafting Connections: Digital Marketing Strategies for Handwoven Potholders - Online Workshop with Mel of The Weaving Honey Bee

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I am delighted to welcome Mel, The Weaving Honey Bee to join us for this highly useful workshop to empower weavers with essential digital marketing skills to enhance their online presence, expand their creative process, and discover new digital marketing techniques to assist with creating their own distinctive style.

A workshop on digital marketing for potholder weaving may seem unconventional, but it merges traditional crafts with modern strategies. Those passionate about reviving traditional arts can learn to leverage digital platforms for wider reach and engagement, attracting a new audience.

Understanding digital marketing techniques can assist artisans in showcasing their unique potholder designs, tapping into e-commerce, and building a brand presence in-person & online.

The workshop will explore creative ways to photograph, promote, and sell your woven creations, as well as utilizing social media and digital advertising to connect with potential buyers globally. Ultimately, this workshop presents an innovative fusion of heritage crafts and contemporary marketing tools, empowering artisans to thrive in the digital landscape.

Here's a few words from Mel on why this workshop topic is important to her to teach:

Hello! I’m Mel and I’m new to the weaving community. From a young age I have always enjoyed creating art and telling stories. After seeing a friend of mine complete her own '100 days of water-color art', I decided to make one set of potholder looms every day for 100 days and create a social media post for each set. I transitioned from social media posting into wanting to find creative ways to display my art using digital media and marketing.

My partner gifted me with Linda Lutomski’s 'Artful Twill Weaving With Loops' and the most powerful statement in her book says “All this play led to an investigation…”. When you approach new opportunities with play and curiosity, you often discover innovative solutions and unexpected pathways that lead to unique and rewarding experiences.

Teaching digital marketing for potholder weaving is crucial as it empowers artisans to preserve a traditional craft while adapting to the digital age, expanding their market and audience. It offers them the necessary tools to not only showcase their craftsmanship but also to navigate the online sphere, fostering sustainability and growth for their craft businesses.

The workshop will take place via Zoom on Saturday, May 4th 2024, 10am-12pm (PT)

Cost per attendee: $50. 

The class will be held online via Zoom and we very much look forward to seeing you May 4th.  Details of how to access the workshop will be sent closer to the date.

A recording of the class will also be provided after the event by email, for all paying attendees.