Creating and using I-cord for potholder weaving - two online workshops with Linda Lutomski

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Have you run out of loops and wondered, “how will I survive?!” Are you interested in what other fiber options are out there for weaving on your potholder loom?  Look no further than this two-part online workshop duo with guest teacher Linda Lutomski.

Linda was curious about using yarn to make a bouncy, stretchy alternative and found that it can be done! The answer is I-cord!

What is an I-cord?  It is a stretchy little tube knit from yarn and it is perfect for weaving on our potholder looms, since it has the same kind of bouncy stretch as the loops do, plus you can use wool or cotton in so many colorways.

In this two-part workshop, we will focus on creating an I-cord on a knitting mill and then using it to weave on a loom. In workshop one, Linda will share examples for creating similar cords yourself, in preparation for workshop two, where we will use the cord on the traditional potholder loom. 

The workshops are designed to follow on from one another, but you are welcome to purchase just one part if you would prefer.

Materials for workshop one:

You will need to have a knitting mill to participate in workshop one. There are many types out there, but Linda recommends the PRYM white or purple version as they are well reviewed. 

After the first workshop, you can take time to knit the I-cord and we will be weaving with it the following workshop, while learning some tips for connecting and managing the cord on the loom. We will also take a look at using shorter lengths for accents in a twill or plain weave.

Linda will be sharing alternative cord ideas, if you have a knitting spool or would like try chaining on a crochet hook, have those handy. They can be used for sport and worsted weight yarn. Choose a hook that is appropriate for the yarn gauge as listed on the label, or close.

Please also have available:

  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Chip clip or clothespin
  • Rubber bands or hair elastics
  • If you have a pair of socks that are no longer useable but the cuff is intact, this is useful for containing the cord. Just cut the cuff so it looks like a sweat band!
  • Wool yarn or cotton - 1 skein of fine, smooth yarn with a tighter spin works best, such as this. Linda does not recommend Peaches & Creme branded cotton or similar worsted weight yarn, as it is too thick for the mill.

Materials for workshop two:

You will have enjoyed knitting a little or a ton of I-cord and are now ready to weave with it. Join Linda for workshop two for techniques and tips for connecting and managing the cord on the loom. You will need:

  • At least 5 yards of I-cord, chained wool or cotton yarn
  • For a traditional weave with I-cord only warp, you will need 18 or 19 traditional loops for the weft depending on your loom.
  • For the hybrid pattern, 4-5 yards of I-cord and 19 traditional loops (all one color to coordinate with your I-cord, or 10 for warp and 9 for weft if you choose 2 colors like the brown and tan sample).
  • yarn needle
  • scissors
  • rubber bands or clips that you usually use for holding the potholder at bind off
  • a few hair elastics if the I-cord is chunky for keeping it on the pegs.


The workshop would suit weavers who already have basic potholder weaving skills. 

 A recording of these classes will be sent by email.