How to create a Double Split Loops weaving - an online workshop with Terri Frantz

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Please join me in welcoming guest teacher Terri Frantz for this brand new online workshop. Terri is a painter and ceramicist who has taught a raft of creative subjects to students, including principles of design, basket weaving and print making.

In this workshop you will learn how to create Terri's original “double split” weaving on a traditional 7” 18 peg loom.  This pattern is easily expandable to a 10” Pro loom with 27 pegs. Terri describes how the weave pattern came about:

This weaving is special to me because it was inspired by a creative spark or aha moment. I had just viewed a picture of the beginning of someone's potholder that was posted in one of the Facebook potholder groups I had joined. I considered, what if I split each loop both ways and build it outward and upward? What would it look like? I proceeded with the weave and was pleasantly surprised.

After I finished the weaving process and removed it from the loom, I posted a photograph in the Radical Potholder Weavers group.  I received several replies about the pattern and the weave. Deborah Jean Cohen, author of  'In The Loop: Radical Potholder Patterns and Techniques' made an encouraging comment and said she had never seen this pattern charted.  With her encouragement and that of others, I have created this workshop to teach you how to weave it. I love the uniqueness of the process of creating it and using various color options for this pattern.

Several examples and enhanced methods will be displayed for inspiration. A pdf version of the pattern will also be available to download.

The workshop will take place via Zoom on February 18th, 2023, 10-12 pm (PT) / 1-3 (ET)

Workshop participants will need to provide their own supplies.  To take part in the event, you will need:

Workshop cost per attendee: $50

The workshop would suit weavers who already have basic potholder weaving skills. 

The class will be held online via Zoom and we very much look forward to seeing you February 18th.  Details of how to access the workshop will be sent closer to the date.