Limited edition hand-dyed weavings from Deborah Jean Cohen

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I am delighted to be collaborating with fellow weaver Deborah Jean Cohen, author of In the Loop: Radical Potholder Patterns and Techniques, to showcase her wonderful new collection of limited edition hand-dyed weavings. 

Titled 'Little Squares', these beautiful pieces are created by Deborah using her own mud-dyed loops, which create a stunning palette of complimentary modern shades. The pattern is by Bill West, which features in Deborah's book and is a strong, pleasing design which allows the weaver to experiment with many colors together, flipping between light squares on a dark field and dark on a light. 

Each weaving is 5 x 5 inches and there is just one of each color combination available at the moment, so don't hesitate if you would like to purchase one of these beautiful works. Deborah is also curating limited-edition bundles of her hand-dyed loops for you to create your own unique works - take a look at the available colors here.