Deepening and exploring your creativity with color can be one of the most gratifying parts of handweaving. A wonderful step to take to begin creating your own bespoke weaving palette is to learn how to hand-dye your own cotton loops. While it can sometimes feel like a big step to take, once you learn a few easy steps, it can open your work up to almost limitless possibilities.

Japanese mud dyes are the fastest, easiest, safest, and least messy dyeing method for creating your own beautiful weaving loop palette.  No toxic chemicals are involved, and no heating beyond hot tap water is needed. I am delighted to welcome Deborah Jean Cohen to lead this online workshop, where she will guide you through the entire dyeing process step by step.

Deborah will be doing a live online demonstration of each part of the process, as well as giving bespoke tips, such as what to do to change the colour saturation. Attendees will also receive a detailed guide for where to begin in your own kitchen, plus a full list of materials you will need to get started after watching Deborah's workshop.

This is the perfect workshop if you'd like to deepen your weaving experience with bespoke color loops made to your own recipe and design.

The workshop will take place via Zoom on Saturday, September 9th 2023, 10am-12pm (PT)

Workshop participants will be watching a demonstration, rather than following the steps live on the day, and a full list of materials used during the workshop will be provided once your spot is secured.

Cost per attendee: $50

Deborah Jean Cohen is an experienced handweaver and author of In the Loop: Radical Potholder Patterns and Techniques. A retired programmer and analyst, she brings a fascinating, radical and unique perspective to the craft.

The workshop would suit weavers who already have basic potholder weaving skills. 

The class will be held online via Zoom and we very much look forward to seeing you September 9th.  Details of how to access the workshop will be sent closer to the date.

A recording of the class will also be provided after the event by email, for all paying attendees.