At a Weaving Way Community gathering, Kayla Powers from Salt Textile Studios talked to us about traditional and contemporary dyeing techniques using plants from your local area.

This online workshop recording will guide you step-by-step through the process of dyeing cotton potholder weaving loops with plants. The workshop is suitable for any fiber artist.

During the two-hour recorded workshop, we talk through:

  • the inherently sustainable and non-toxic dyeing practice that can be applied to all plant based fibers and fabrics
  • learn the practical steps to start or to build on your own loop dyeing experience.

You are in excellent hands with our workshop host. Kayla is a place-based artist living and working on the East Side of Detroit. She creates naturally dyed, handwoven textiles with locally grown plants and natural fibers. Her work is rooted in a deep connection to the natural world and to the long tradition of craft. 

We hope you enjoy this workshop recording. It will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchasing this product.

Please note that workshop recordings are made available to the purchaser only and are not for resale, forwarding to others or sharing publicly in any way.