Potholder looms are hugely versatile and can be used in many different ways to create unique handwoven projects. This recording of an online workshop with Suzanne Hokanson (originally held in January 2024) will help you to explore the possibilities of what you can create on your potholder looms using yarn, fabric and other materials; from tapestries to woven mats to combinations of woven pieces which make something larger.

Purchasing this workshop will provide you with a recording of the original online event, which you can save and watch as many times as you like.

Learn how to warp your loom and begin weaving something totally unique to you, exploring some freestyle weaving techniques. Take your weaving skills to the next level and instantly increase your crafting capabilities. 

Materials you will need as you take part in the activities in the workshop:

  • Potholder loom (10 x 10 inch - available from my online store here)
  • Ruler (preferably wooden or a wooden paint stirring stick)
  • Dowel
  • Yarn for warp (preferably 8/4 cotton carpet warp)
  • Yarn for weft (any kind of yarn)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric (approximately 1 yard - can be made up of 2 or more coordinating patterns)
  • Crochet hook or weaving hook
  • Long tapestry needle

The workshop would suit weavers who already have basic potholder weaving skills. 

Suzy has put together a PowerPoint presentation that is part of the recording of her Beyond Potholders workshop that shows many examples of the possibilities of what you can create with materials other than (or in addition to) loopers. She shows many different ways you can use these simple little potholder looms to create a variety of things.

Fibers have been Suzanne's passion for over 40 years. She notes:

"I love the feel of different fibers as they pass through my fingers when weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting or while creating in other fiber art techniques. The joy of creating clothing, accessories, and artwork fulfills my life. After many years of traditional weaving, freestyle weaving has become my passion since retiring from teaching middle school art. I weave at home in Savannah, GA and on our sailboat in the summers on Lake Champlain in Upstate NY, where my potholder looms come in handy."

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