Workshop Recording - Weaving With Indigo: The Color of Calm - with Kate Kilmurray

Workshop Recording - Weaving With Indigo: The Color of Calm - with Kate Kilmurray

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Weaving is about returning home, using our hands, connecting to our inner creativity in a way that is safe, open and expressive. It can help us to settle our restless minds, open our hearts and connect more deeply with who we really are. The colors we reach for and spend time with can make a difference to our feelings for the piece we are working on, our mood as we look at it, our thoughts as we weave. Far and away, my favorite color to work with is indigo. For me, it is the color of calm.

This recording of my online workshop (originally held in May 2023) is designed for those who are already familiar with handweaving and who wish to take their experience to the next level. During this two hour class recording, we explore how our work evolves as we use a combination of textured, handmade sock loops, hand-dyed loops and repurposed denim loops, all in various shades of indigo. We look at the way a single color can still create pieces of great originality and how this particular palette can change our emotional response to our work.

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